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Professor Jeff Macatangay

Professor Jeff is also an active Jiu Jitsu competitor where he has competed across the nation. As well as in countries such as Paris and Rome, placing at some of the biggest tournaments in Jiu Jitsu. Including Master Worlds and No-Gi Pan Ams and Worlds. As Isla Jiu Jitsu Academy’s head instructor, Professor Jeff has had a huge impact on shaping many lives on and off the mats. He is a huge asset to the vibe and culture that the Isla Jiu Jitsu Academy familia has created and lives by everyday.

Jeff’s History:

When he first moved to Washington with his family, Jeff Macatangay was motivated by money. Unfortunately, he realized that this financial drive meant he was putting his loved ones second. He was missing important family moments for work. Jeff wanted to be able to find work-life balance and be present with family. Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu allowed Jeff to find that balance by showing him how to respect his family more. The changes brought about by training Jiu Jitsu exceeded his expectations and he wanted to bring that change to others by establishing Isla Jiu Jitsu.

Jeff works hard to nurture an environment that welcomes everyone to proudly be a better version of themselves. Knowing that he makes a difference through bettering his students is what drives him to teach. Isla Jiu Jitsu has grown immensely since it was first opened but Jeff continues to remain humble. He dedicates the school’s success to the hard work of his students. And stays focused on the meaning of Isla Jiu Jitsu. It truly isn’t about the numbers or being a number, you are welcome into a family and a better life here.

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