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Isla Jiu Jitsu is a home away from home. We provide a safe space for everyone who wants to experience Jiu Jitsu in Federal Way, Washington. Anyone who enters our academy is immediately taught and encouraged to establish bonds based on mutual respect. This reinforces our close community and how we come together for Jiu Jitsu. Ready to explore the numerous benefits of training Jiu Jitsu? Come join our island at Isla Jiu Jitsu!

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If you’re looking to change your life, look no further. At Isla Jiu Jitsu, we provide high-quality Jiu Jitsu education with passionate instructors, a beautiful location, and lessons that last a lifetime.

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About Us

At Isla Jiu Jitsu, we are passionate about Jiu Jitsu. Our staff cares about the personal development of each and every one of our students, and is here to guide you as you go through your martial arts journey.

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Special Offers

Here at Isla Jiu Jitsu, your success is our first priority. Whether it’s a trial class that will kick-start your passion for martial arts or an event that will help your child come out of their shell, we’ve got you covered!

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Isla Jiu Jitsu

About Us:

Isla means island in Filipino and Chamorro, and at Isla Jiu Jitsu we welcome you into our tight-knit family (aka our island!). Isla gives our students the opportunity to exercise mentally as well as physically, giving them the chance to personalize taught concepts. Allowing Jiu Jitsu lessons to be original and adaptive towards a student’s particular style of movement improves the student’s independence, empowerment, and feeling of accomplishment. On a physical level, martial arts benefit those of all ages with overall improved strength, stamina, agility, and defense.

Our History:

When he first moved to Washington with his family, Jeff Macatangay was motivated by money. Unfortunately, he realized that this financial drive meant he was putting his loved ones second, missing important family moments for work. Jeff wanted to be able to find work-life balance and be present with family. Training Jiu Jitsu allowed Jeff to find that balance by showing him how to respect his family more. The changes brought about by training Jiu Jitsu exceeded his expectations and he wanted to bring that change to others by establishing Isla. 

Our Philosophy

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Isla is rooted in looking out for each other and growing together to become well-rounded individuals.

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We value every one of our students and prioritize familiarizing ourselves with their character to ensure a healthy community.

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We instill humbleness within our school so mutual respect is established.

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We understand each other at Isla Jiu Jitsu and challenge each other to help be the best version of ourselves.

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Isla’s lessons allow our students to develop their sense of self and independence through freedom.

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